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Free shipping? Seems too good to be true. What’s the catch?

by Q9 PowerSports Staff Members on 11/09/17

As a consumer, you want to pay for the product - not shipping! To meet those demands, Q9 Powersports has built a logistical model that allows us to take on the major costs associated with shipping, freight, etc., rather than passing them on to you, the customer. How, exactly, are we able to do this? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out how Q9 Powersports is able to offer you the product you’re looking for without charging you a cent for shipping.

We’ve been in business since 2004 - selling ATVs, dirt bikes, go karts, mopeds and more nationwide for over 13 years! In that time, we’ve covered all 50 states in the U.S., meaning LOTS of shipping and LOTS of planning. Some businesses don’t think it’s worth their time to sell products to prospective customers not in their area - we relish that opportunity. In order to accommodate this goal, we need distribution - we have distribution warehouses scattered throughout the United States - for example, we have locations in CA, GA, IN, MD, TX, and WI. These strategically located hubs allow us to get products to any customer anywhere in the contiguous 48 states within a reasonable amount of time while also doing so in an economical way that prevents us from having to charge the consumer.

Next, let’s focus on carriers. Q9 Powersports USA does not have an in-house owned fleet of freight vehicles - to do so would be expensive and require us to pass that expense on to you. Rather than charging you, the consumer, for our services, we take that expense on by utilizing third-party logistics partners. We are VERY selective when it comes to logistics and freight carrier partners; given the nature of the merchandise we sell, it is of utmost importance that we have partners we can trust to deliver products in a timely, safe, and careful manner - we want each party involved in this process to handle the merchandise as if it were their own. With that said, Q9 Powersports takes care to carefully select suppliers based on evaluations of their timeliness, support, and history of good business.

Now you’re probably wondering - do you charge extra for residential delivery, like the other guys do? The answer: No. Given our extremely high sales volume (over 4,000 machines per year nationwide), we are able to ship to any residential or commercial address in the contiguous 48 states without charging additional fees for residential delivery (please note, there may be some exceptions if your delivery address falls outside of a partner carrier’s delivery zone - though these are incredibly rare).

Here at Q9 Powersports USA, we take pride in the fact that we offer FREE residential shipping anywhere in the contiguous 48 states (Alaska and Hawaii call for quotes). We are guided by the principle that our prices be conspicuous and our services reliable. Dealerships will often advertise products below MSRP but hide surcharges and additional shipping fees in the checkout - often topping $200! At Q9 Powersports, you can be sure that the price you see is the price you pay - our pricing is clearly spelled out and we will never surprise you with freight charges or additional delivery surcharges. This transparency is what allows us to meet your demands for great products without charging a dime for shipping. 

So, leave the stressful part to us - take a look at our products and let us handle the shipping!

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