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Affordable Gas Powered Moped & Scooter repair in Madison Wisconsin

by Q9 PowerSports Staff Members on 02/15/18

Looking for a service center for your Chinese scooter, moped, ATV, go kart or dirt bike? Q9 Powersports has you covered! Located just eight miles from the University of Wisconsin - Madison campus, Q9 Powersports is your headquarters for affordable Moped repair and service work for your machines. 

With our vast inventory of replacement parts, we are able to get machines in and out of our service center in an efficient manner - particularly important during the prime moped season. To complement our inventory of replacement parts, we also have an extensive supply and distribution network which allows us to obtain practically any part we could need for your unit in a timely manner. 

Can't get your machine to us? No problem! We offer an affordable pick up service ($40 within a 20-mile radius of our service center in Madison) to transport your unit to our shop. Our service technicians keep you informed and updated with respect to your machine and make sure that any service done to your machine or any charges that will be applied are no surprise to you. Get your machine here before the season starts - spots fill up fast and our service is first-come, first-served.

New 2018 Apollo Commander Youth Four Wheelers & Apollo Blazer 125cc ATVs

by Q9 PowerSports Staff Members on 12/30/17

We have unveiled two new units here at Q9 Powersports, the 125cc Apollo Commander Youth ATV and the 125cc Apollo Blazer Youth ATV. These added in with our current youth models make our variety of youth ATVs that much more diverse. The Commander is a rugged looking utility ATV that will perform well in snow, dirt or any terrain you want to take it on due to the large, knobby off-road tires that come on it. The Blazer has a sport body comparable to our 125cc Nitro but has some differences as well such as a very wide color selection with this machine. The top speed on these units is 35 mph but have the key safety features that are with youth ATV’s, such as the throttle limiter so you can slow it down to 5 mph while they are first learning how to drive. These particular ATVs are different because they are true 125cc engines while some of the other brands have 110cc cases and are bored to be 125cc afterward so the performance on these ATVs will be better in terms of better take offs, and also a better top end.

What to consider when Buying Kids Atvs vs. Buying Youth Go Karts - Q9 PowerSports USA

by Q9 PowerSports Staff Members on 12/09/17

When considering buying a powersport vehicle for your child there are many options but the main two people consider are ATVs and Go-karts. There are a couple of differences in terms of safety and riders between the two. If you have multiple children to buy for you could go the route of a go-kart because often go-karts have two seats so they can ride together and alternate driving. The safety aspect of the two vehicles is a little different, when riding a go-kart there is a roll cage to prevent any harm from the vehicle rolling over. ATVs are not considered as safe because there can be a rolling element to riding them, the manufacturers over the years have noticed this and now a lot of ATVs have wide wheelbases to prevent this issue, along with remote kill switches throttle governors and tether switches to kill machines if they were to fall off. Furthermore there are and continues to be a lot of improvements to youth powersports to make them safer so you can rest easy whether you will be buying a go kart or and ATV that your child will be safe as long as the riding recommendations are being followed.

Safety to concider before Riding Power Sports - Q9 PowerSports USA

by Q9 PowerSports Staff Members on 11/16/17

Most important always wear a DOT approved helmet, goggles, long sleeves, long pants, boots and gloves.  Don’t worry wearing all this isn’t going to be a drag, in fact for most outdoor activities adding this gear only increases the excitement of the experience.  ATV riders should always be conscious of head, eyes, hand and feet protection.

Never ride more then one person on a single rider ATV, and no more then one passenger on an ATV specifically designed for two people

Ride an ATV that is right for your age, all ATV’s should be clearly marked with safety sticker showing appropriate age for that ATV.

Riders under the age of 16 should always ride with supervision

Never ride on paved roads except to cross and only when done safely and where permitted

Never operate under the influence of alcohol or drugs 

Ride only on designated trails and at safe speeds

What is your Price match Guarantee about - Q9 PowerSports USA

by Q9 PowerSports Staff Members on 11/15/17


In order to verify current pricing and availability, price match requests must be received prior to ordering.

Product(s) must be new and in stock in the same size, color and year application (if applicable).

Competitor website must be an authorized U.S. dealer.

Price matching applies to the total item cost in USD dollars. This includes shipping, handling, taxes, or any other applicable fee(s).

Non-US based websites do not qualify for this guarantee.

Competitor price matching requests will be granted if the prices are current, dated and advertised.


Closeout / Clearance / Backordered Items

Blemished Items / Demo Models / Factory Seconds

Free with Purchase Items

Free Shipping Offers

Competitor Coupons

Verbal / Emailed Quotes

Auction Websites - such as eBay

Private sales, like Craigslist

Orders placed through Amazon.com

We will not backorder any out-of-stock item

Price Matching cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or discounts

Website prices will only be honored from established retail companies that are open to the public and have a physical address

Request for price match must be received prior to end of competitor's sale

Q9 PowerSports USA reserves the right to approve or deny price match requests at its discretion

Lowest Price Guarantee may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice

Price Match is only for OnLine Internet sales and does not apply to machines at any of our Brick and Mortar Locations

Shopping for a Four Wheeler consider Off Brand, Here's why - Q9 PowerSorts USA

by Q9 PowerSports Staff Members on 11/13/17

All terrain vehicles manufacturers have come a long way from the days of the Honda 3 wheelers, even though they where super fun and ultra cool and even now they are highly sought and heavily collected . Over the years Power Sport designers and engineers have evolved so fast that todays machines have already revolutionized the power sports industry with the same innovative technologies you find equipped in top end automobiles, to literally transform modern day Four wheelers and ATVs into beautiful mechanical works of art that are much more safety oriented then most people expect. The same way large Name brand Auto manufacturers use power steering and traction control on their machines, now the name brand power sports machines are also equipped these same exact amenities, right down to the blue tooth navigation, electronic braking, even cruise control. I mean Name brand power sports are amazing, but what if someone wanted to have all that power sports fun and adventure but didn't really have thousands of dollars to buy one of these machines. Again, name brand power sports Like Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki are great. Their Quads and UTVs are designed with the best equipment and they are beautiful machines, but in todays economy when buying a Brand New Four wheeler expect that it will cost as much as full sized car and have the hefty payments to mach. Granted these machines tend to last a number of years with minor to medium maintainance and these ATVs do hold their resell value fairly well, which makes them a good investment if your looking to keep an ATV for 10 - 15 years.

Like most Americans, myself included, we want the best of everything and we want it for the lowest possible price. This applies to homes, cars, cloths, food and just about anything you purchase, or have to pay for. It's only logical to not want to waste your hard earn money. Nowadays there are affordable alternatives everywhere like generic medications in place of name brand prescription drugs to synthetic diamonds for jewelers to offer affordable lower cost jewelry. The same holds true for the power sport industry. Off brand or Chinese Power Sports have been in the United States for decades and they have been proving themselves reliable and worthy. If you ask any name brand Power sports dealer about an off brand ATV, they will trash talk it to no end and say all kinds of crazy unverified stuff, but hey honestly I would too if I could get you to buy my $8000 Polaris off of the sales floor instead. Heck, he may even drop it to $7000 for you.
I have worked at Q9 powerSports USA for 14 years and I see first hand, off brand four wheelers and other off brand machines that are 10+ years old that are still out running around. How can something that cost a fraction of the price last as long and still be running? Many times we have outfitted an entire family of 4 for less then $4000 each with their own four wheeler. Granted our machine don't have traction control, bluetooth, power steering or dynamic shift adjustment, but if your looking for a basic machine that will provide just as much family fun as the name brand units provide, then I would recommend not leaving out the possibility that Chinese power sports maybe a good fit for your needs. If your looking to impress your buddies with the latest super Quad, or you just like over spending you hard earned cash then don't be shy get the Mega Quad with all the bells and whistles, but the first scratch you get going through the woods will depreciate that machine so bad it really isn't that funny. 


by Q9 PowerSports Staff Members on 11/12/17

With the biggest sales day in America just around the corner, Q9 Powersports is your headquarters for deals on all power sports equipment. From children’s ATVs, dirt bikes, go karts to toys for mom and dad also - Q9 has what you’re looking for! In addition to our huge selection of off road machines, check out our large selection of street-legal vehicles. We have anything you could possibly want, at affordable prices with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the contiguous 48 states. Be on the lookout for price adjustments and specials going on as we approach the holidays. We have the lowest advertised prices right now, so take advantage while you can! Also be sure to get your FREE helmet with the purchase of any machine (offer only valid while supplies last). Got more than one person to buy for? Q9 Powersports has you covered - with our large selection of go karts, we have the perfect machine for the whole family. Need more than one machine? Perfect! Talk to the sales team at Q9 Powersports and they will be sure to get you the best deal on what you’re looking for. Best wishes and Happy Holidays, Q9 Powersports

Free shipping? Seems too good to be true. What’s the catch?

by Q9 PowerSports Staff Members on 11/09/17

As a consumer, you want to pay for the product - not shipping! To meet those demands, Q9 Powersports has built a logistical model that allows us to take on the major costs associated with shipping, freight, etc., rather than passing them on to you, the customer. How, exactly, are we able to do this? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out how Q9 Powersports is able to offer you the product you’re looking for without charging you a cent for shipping.

We’ve been in business since 2004 - selling ATVs, dirt bikes, go karts, mopeds and more nationwide for over 13 years! In that time, we’ve covered all 50 states in the U.S., meaning LOTS of shipping and LOTS of planning. Some businesses don’t think it’s worth their time to sell products to prospective customers not in their area - we relish that opportunity. In order to accommodate this goal, we need distribution - we have distribution warehouses scattered throughout the United States - for example, we have locations in CA, GA, IN, MD, TX, and WI. These strategically located hubs allow us to get products to any customer anywhere in the contiguous 48 states within a reasonable amount of time while also doing so in an economical way that prevents us from having to charge the consumer.

Next, let’s focus on carriers. Q9 Powersports USA does not have an in-house owned fleet of freight vehicles - to do so would be expensive and require us to pass that expense on to you. Rather than charging you, the consumer, for our services, we take that expense on by utilizing third-party logistics partners. We are VERY selective when it comes to logistics and freight carrier partners; given the nature of the merchandise we sell, it is of utmost importance that we have partners we can trust to deliver products in a timely, safe, and careful manner - we want each party involved in this process to handle the merchandise as if it were their own. With that said, Q9 Powersports takes care to carefully select suppliers based on evaluations of their timeliness, support, and history of good business.

Now you’re probably wondering - do you charge extra for residential delivery, like the other guys do? The answer: No. Given our extremely high sales volume (over 4,000 machines per year nationwide), we are able to ship to any residential or commercial address in the contiguous 48 states without charging additional fees for residential delivery (please note, there may be some exceptions if your delivery address falls outside of a partner carrier’s delivery zone - though these are incredibly rare).

Here at Q9 Powersports USA, we take pride in the fact that we offer FREE residential shipping anywhere in the contiguous 48 states (Alaska and Hawaii call for quotes). We are guided by the principle that our prices be conspicuous and our services reliable. Dealerships will often advertise products below MSRP but hide surcharges and additional shipping fees in the checkout - often topping $200! At Q9 Powersports, you can be sure that the price you see is the price you pay - our pricing is clearly spelled out and we will never surprise you with freight charges or additional delivery surcharges. This transparency is what allows us to meet your demands for great products without charging a dime for shipping. 

So, leave the stressful part to us - take a look at our products and let us handle the shipping!

Can I save on the cost if I pick a machine up?

by Q9 PowerSports Staff Members on 11/08/17

Q9 PowerSports USA does not charge for the freight shipping on our Power sports machines and deliver is Free. You are more then welcome to pick up a unit in the create if it is available at that location for the online advertised price. We have already paid shipping to get the machine to our showroom locations, all online orders are sent from the closest distribution warehouse direct to your location, the cheapest way to get a machine is to order it direct in the create for the advertised online price. When purchasing a machine from our showrooms there are in-house assembly fees and start up fees for showroom units off of the sales floor that are fully assembled and gassed up, ready to run. The online advertised price is for a machine in the create. 

Typical showroom assembly & start up charge is $160. This service gets the machine assembled, locktited, oil changed, gassed up, tuned and tested. When purchasing from a showroom, You also have the option of adding a 6 month bumper to bumper warranty for your machine  at the time of sale for $200 which will cover service center labor and OEM replacement parts. Otherwise the machine comes with an internal engine parts warranty from the manufacturer for one year. That does not cover labor or any parts other then engine parts. Online customers have the option of adding an electrical warranty to their machine at the time of purchase, available in 3 month increments, all the way up to a one year period. This warranty covers replacement electrical parts at no cost. 

Multiple Unit discounts on Power Sports for retail customers

by Q9 PowerSports Staff Members on 11/07/17

Q9 Powersports USA does offer a multiple unit discount incentive when purchasing multiple machines at the same time. In order to receive this discount you have to call and speak to a sales agent at 1-888-252-9250 during normal business hours and put in your order over the phone. Q9 Powersports USA believes in keeping prices affordable on all Four Wheelers, ATVs, Go karts, Dirt Bikes, Mopeds and Scooters so, we shop the competition for our customers to make sure that our prices are competitive. You may find some websites advertising machines at a lower sales price, but in the checkout process they add inflated shipping charges and charges for other services that should be included. When ordering machines from Q9 Powersports USA The machines are always ship for free, each machine has a one year engine warranty and every unit comes with a free $80 off-road helmet. If you are a business looking for inventory, we do have dealer programs and franchise opportunities available.  

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